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ILDO Taekwondo programs are fractionize by age groups. We strive for meticulous and segmentalized Taekwondo education by understanding the different characteristics of different age groups.

(From 3 years old and above)

Little Tiny - Tiny

3 - 6 years old

Little Tiny: 3 - 4 years old

Tiny: 5 - 6 years olf

Little Tiny and Tiny programs focus on building up healthy formative year socialization and confidence via games and Taekwondo fundamental introduction activities.

Kids - Teens

7 - 17 years old

Kids: 7 - 12 years old

Teens: 13 - 17 years old

Kids and Teens programs stress proprieties via discipline taught under Taekwondo fundamentals. As students proceed to advanced levels, they would likely mold themselves into independent individuals.

Adults & Family

Adults: 18 years old and above

Family: Whole age group

Adults and Family Class programs lay emphasis on improving physical and

psychological wellbeing through Taekwondo. Moreover, interactions with individuals and family members during Taekwondo classes generate fellowships.


50 years & above

‘Diamond Class’ programs prioritize physiotherapy-based stretching and senior's

 mind cultivation through Taekwondo.

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