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ILDO Taekwondo also provides competition classes that are divided into three subjects; Poomsae, Sparring, and Demonstration. These advanced programs support students to attain a deeper understanding of Taekwondo as well as induce students to train with finality while challenging their limitations. The main purpose of these programs is to prepare students to get ready for Taekwondo competitions. ILDO students participate in both national Taekwondo competitions as well as inter-school competitions.


Poomsae is the foundation of Taekwondo movements. It stimulates inner peace as well as supports to build the sound body. Singapore Taekwondo put a strong emphasis on Poomsae, which leads to competitions regarding Poomsae widely held. Most likely, competition training is based on making and refining the movement till the finality.


The demonstration program is a program that combines music, dance, Taekwondo Poomsae, and acrobatic. Students can experience a fusion of diverse martial arts while challenging their physical and mental limitations.


The sparring which is also called 'Kyorugi' in Korean terms, is a Taekwondo Duel. Kyorugi is a flower of Taekwondo culture as it is one of the main Olympic sports. In Singapore, Kyorugi competitions are held annually by STF as well as private corporations. Students are able to induce into the vigorous and competitive Taekwondo spirit.   

Grading Requirments for Sparring/Kyorugi

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