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*NOTICE ON 2022 ILDO PROMOTION* Our ILDO TAEKWONDO & ABT STUDIO are currently having a promotion for a year-end event until 24 Dec 2021. We have a total of 3 promotions, For ILDO TAEKWONDO, 1. 6 Months Registration - Being an existing/new student, registering a 6 months of Taekwondo class, will have a 10% discount of the total bill. 2. Buddy Bundle - If any existing student brings his/her friend to Taekwondo, the friend will get a free trial voucher ($50). - If his/her friend registers for Taekwondo class, the existing student who brought their friend will get a $50 voucher. 3. New Students, - For any new student who is registering for a 3 months class, they will not have to pay any registration fee, and will get a free uniform, t-shirt, school bag and a water bottle as a ILDO welcome package. For any queries, please feel free to approach the admin, we will be happy to assist you! For ABT STUDIO, 1. 3 Months + 1 Month - Anyone who registers a three-month plan, can go for an extra free month. 2. Student 2 + 1 Buddy Bundle - If three people register at the same time , one person will be charged free for 1 month. For registration of the ILDO PROMOTION/ABT STUDIO, please register through the link attached! We look forward to your interest and participation! Thank you.

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