From Green Belt and Above are required to complete the required number of Sparring sessions before joining the next grading test.

Red Belt and Black Tip Belt are required to complete their required number of sparring sessions + at least 20 regular classes before they can join the next grading test.

This is to prepare for the sparring component during grading. Kindly register your child for the requirement lesson sessions before the next grading.



In line with Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) regulations, students who are in the Green Belt and above have to wear protection guards for sparring during sparring sessions and Grading Tests.


Each child should have

Arm guards, Shin guards, and a Groin Guard (Compulsory for Green belt)

Chest Guard, Head Gear (Compulsory for Blue Belt and above).


If your child does not have guards, please get them to protect your child during sparring sessions.

Compulsory Gears (Green Belt and above)
Compulsory Gears (Blue Belt and above)
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