ILDO Taekwondo programs are fractionize by age groups. We strive for meticulous and segmentalized Taekwondo education by understanding the different characteristics of different age groups.

(From 3 years old and above)

Little Tiny - Tiny

3 - 6 years old

Little Tiny: 3 - 4 years old

Tiny: 5 - 6 years olf

Little Tiny and Tiny programs focus on building up healthy formative year socialization and confidence via games and Taekwondo fundamental introduction activities.

Kids - Teens

7 - 17 years old

Kids: 7 - 12 years old

Teens: 13 - 17 years old

Kids and Teens programs stress on proprieties via discipline taught under Taekwondo fundamentals. As students proceed to advanced level, they would likely mold themselves as independent individuals.

Adults & Family

Adults: 18 years old and above

Family: Whole age group

Adults and Family Class programs lay emphasis on improving physical and

psychological wellbeing through Taekwondo. Moreover, interactions with individuals and family members during Taekwondo classes generate fellowships.